Mojosa Mayhem


Though Paul is already involved in numerous musical projects, the lure of a new side-project is still something that he can’t resist. The latest such venture, Mojosa, is a collaboration between the irrepressible Mr Miro and his close friend, guitarist/ vocalist Paul Evans.

Paul Evans is a renowned slide guitar player, and the pair have often discussed working together on a sleazy-sounding swamp blues/rock project.

Recently, Miro and Evans have found time to perform a few live shows together, playing their own interpretations of countless Delta Blues classics by the likes of Robert Johnson, Bukka White, Skip James, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Mississippi Fred McDowell etc., as well as renditions of Tom Waits and Ry Cooder songs, amongst many others.

The musical spark ignited by these performances was enough to trigger the ‘let’s make an album’ button in Miro. Work has already begun on the first Mojosa album, which will be a collection of brand new original compositions written specifically for the project.

Nashvilleand Dobro guitars, mangled workshop percussion combinations, and a diverse array of obscure instruments will provide the backdrop, with growling vocals tying it all together. If you need a mental reference before it’s finished, think somewhere along the lines of Seasick-Steve- meets-Tom-Waits.

Watch this space for news on the album’s progress. Mojosa will, of course, be playing some live shows to coincide with its release.

For those of you who are curious: Mojosa is Esperanto for ‘cool’.

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